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Welcome to Beveridge Music Lessons and our home on the web!  We provide children's music lessons to children throughout the greater London area.  Our specialty is beginner guitar lessons and beginner bass lessons.

Music Education for Kids - More important than most think

With all the technological changes going on in the world today, a solid, sound, and comprehensive education is still as important as ever.  Music is a key part of a full educational plan for children.  Beveridge Music Group takes this very seriously, and we are proud to be able to provide outstanding music lessons to our students, everyday.

There is a shortage of music programs in most of todays primary schoos, and as such initiatives such as "Save the Music" have become popular over the past few years.  It is imperative that we not let the progress made by those programs stop due to lack of attention or action.

Beveridge Group believes that proper music education can be had by all children, either for free or at an afforable price.  We see that the use of music programs in schools may be declining, but that independent music schools can "take up the slack", as it were, to make up the difference.  If the public sector won't do it, concerned citizens in the private sector will.

This is where we come in, providing superb guitar lessons, piano lessons, as well as supportive content and lesson plans for students, teachers and parents.  We've put together a big list of some helpful resources for teachers and parents who want to take their children's musical awareness to the next level.  See below:

Internet Music Lessons - A Supplementary Approach

The Internet has made many things possible, including the ability to provide education to millions across the globe within the confines of their home or office.  Taking advantage of these new-found technologies, Beveridge Group has been able to provide some excellent resources, lesson plans and videos to students, parents and teachers.  We've taken some time to pull together a good list of these resources for easy reference. 

We encourage all parents to take advantage of new online lessons, and have their children practice at least 3 times a day, following a structured lesson plan which builds upon previous practice.  See some examples below:

True Fire - True Fire provides a guitar lesson community, which is helpful for both kids and adults.

Shredkick - Online Lessons for Kids

Shredkick provides exclusively online guitar lessons for kids and adults and have even gone as far as organizing group meetups in NYC to spread awareness of music education.  They demonstrate some of the best principles and dedication to both education and the love of guitar that we appreciate here at Beveridge.

Jamplay - Jamplay has a large collection of online guitar lessons, lesson plans, and instructors for a monthly subscription cost.  Useful for parents or teachers.

Rockstar Academy
Offers guitar, piano and other music lessons for kids. 

We love our students and hope to provide them with the best music education money can buy!  But we also realize many families may not be able to afford lessons.  Please contact us regarding our special financial aid/sliding scale rates.